Our Work

Behind the Scenes With Opaliris

We have a lot of fun making videos and have decided to share some behind the scenes footage.  These videos air on the Yanasa Ama Ventures YouTube Channel, branded Yanasa TV, as Vlog Posts. 

Equestrian Sport Videos

Filming Equestrian Sports is one of our favorite things to do.  Between dim lighting in arenas and the magnificent action of these animals these videos aren’t easy to produce but are worth the effort. 

Real Estate Marketing Videos

Real Estate is a competitive market.  Creating a marketing package that stands out is essential to attract worthy buyers to your home.  Our Real Estate Marketing Videos tell the story of what makes your home unique to buyers. 


Raising money can be a difficult challenge.  Using Video can help you appeal to your audience in a clear and concise manner that will increase your fundraising potential. 

Business Marketing Videos

We live in a visually connected society.  For that reason business video marketing has become an essential tool for every business owner.  Our marketing videos tell your story of success. 


Documentaries are a great way to create an emotional following or to tell a longer story.   

Meet My Neighbor YouTube Series

Opaliris and Yanasa Ama Ventures have come together to create this unique series to help promote small rural businesses and organizations.  

Short Films and Trailers

Short Films are less expensive to produce but can be equally as powerful as a longer video.  These shorter video lengths are ideal for advertising. 

Creative Film

Just for fun, some of our favorite short videos made simply for fun.

Product Reviews and Sponsorship Videos

We’ll be honest, not every product is worth reviewing.  But if we find something we like, we’ll definitely give it some consideration.  Product Reviews are generally performed in a Vlog style format.  



Event photography services as well as portraits.