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Videography Services

Opaliris Studios offers an array of Videography and Photography services. 

Wedding Photography & Videography
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Wedding Photography & Videography
Family and Senior Portaits
Real Estate Marketing Videos


Specialty Video Capture Capabilities
Some videos require special equipment, here’s some insight to our current capabilities.

Video Screen Shot showing low light shooting at 240 frames per second.

Low Light Shooting:

In low light action conditions we use between 120 to 240 frames per second at 1080P HD.  For less active low light conditions we shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second (fps) with a 1” sensor to capture as much light and detail as possible. 

Action Shots:

Action Shot Captured at 60 FPS 1080P HD

For action shots, we can shoot anywhere from 120 to 1000 fps. 240 fps and up are considered “burst shots,” a four second capture played back in ultra slow motion. 120 fps at 1080P HD can be filmed continuously and is suitable for most action films.  

We also have action cams which can film anywhere from 30 Frames Per Second HD to 60 Frames per second 1080P. These cams can be mounted on a person or object.

Video Screen Shot 4K 30 FPS Early Morning Light.

Aerial Videography:

We use a DJI Phantom 3 Professional camera which can travel up to two miles from it’s controller if unobstructed.  The camera shoots in 4K at 30 frames per second which is necessary for high altitude landscape shots, but is also capable of shooting at 60 frames per second in 1080P for fly by action shots.

Our control station able of following a target and flying pre programmed flight paths for smoother action.

Video Screen Shot 20X Zoom 30FPS 4K

Aerial Videography requires a pilot and a visual spotter.  Aerial Videography is not allowed above sporting events.

Wildlife Videography:

Our standard cameras have zooming capabilities up to 20X to catch animals at a distance. For more challenging animals we also utilize a 1080P HD TrailCam with Night Vision.  

Social Media & Marketing
Consulting Services

With over 32 years of combined corporate marketing experience, Charlie and Shauna Rankin have become immersed in the knowledge and understanding of social media algorithms.   Opaliris offers primarily videography and photography services, however, we acknowledge the need for proper marketing platforms to create a viral reach for certain produced videos.  As a separate service, we offer Social Media and Marketing Consulting Services to help our clients reach their greatest potential.